The Essence Of Instant Hand Sanitizer

There have been more and more hand sanitizer manufacturers and suppliers that have recently declared “free hand sanitizer” on major e-commerce platforms, but I found that most of the hand sanitizer suppliers declare imported hand sanitizer products that are classified incorrectly. Today I will explain to you the classification of “instant hand sanitizer”. At present, […]

Expert: Not all hand sanitizers are effective against viruses

Expert: Not all hand sanitizers are effective against viruses

Relevant studies have shown that hand sanitizers with different alcohol content provide different degrees of protection to the skin. Among them, the least effective are non-alcoholic hand sanitizers. These products are usually chosen by customers who have adverse reactions to alcohol-based products. However, experts say that this type of hand sanitizer can provide very limited […]

Ordinary hand sanitizer is good. Disposable hand sanitizer is not suitable for long-term use?

Among the keywords of 2020, “hand washing” must have a place. According to data from an e-commerce platform, since January this year, the sales volume of hand sanitizer has increased by more than 10 times that of the previous year. At the same time, all kinds of hand sanitizers on the market are also emerging […]

Why the sanitizer price for bulk will skyrocket?

The sanitizer price for bulk has skyrocketed. Many people accuse sanitization manufacturer of taking the opportunity to drive up prices. Many sanitization manufacturer say they have received a lot of unfair accusations. The sanitizer manufacturer believe that the price reflects the cost and the supply of bulk disinfectant. Manufacturers have one price a day, and […]

The Future Development Trend Of Hand Sanitizer

The Future Development Trend Of Hand Sanitizer

It is undeniable that the infectious disease crisis last year promoted the increase in sales of hand sanitizer products, but in the past few years, the sales of hand sanitizers have continued to rise. Hand sanitizer has changed from an astringent disinfectant to a popular product. The product. Even at London Fashion Week 2020, fashionistas […]

Infectious Disease Terminator- Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

We always hear this advice recently: wash your hands often with soap and water. When this is not feasible, using hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of disease. Although soap and water are effective, in many cases they are inconvenient for keeping hands clean and sterile. Therefore, hand sanitizer has become an indispensable “weapon” […]

Identify Leading Supplier Of Hypochlorus Acid Hand Sanitizers

CLEACE Hand Sanitizer

Under the global crisis, health experts advise people to wash their hands frequently or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, but the shelves of stores are empty. Hand sanitizers cannot be bought at all, and consumers cannot contact suitable manufacturers of hand sanitizers. South Africa is facing a shortage of hand sanitizer. If everyone in South Africa […]