Identify Leading Supplier Of Hypochlorus Acid Hand Sanitizers

CLEACE Hand Sanitizer

Under the global crisis, health experts advise people to wash their hands frequently or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, but the shelves of stores are empty. Hand sanitizers cannot be bought at all, and consumers cannot contact suitable manufacturers of hand sanitizers. South Africa is facing a shortage of hand sanitizer. If everyone in South Africa […]

How About Made In India?

In the current economic globalization, global consumers’ choices of commodities are showing a trend of survival of the fittest. Many products made in China are obviously irreplaceable and show value due to their excellent quality. For example, the medical products manufactured by the Chinese sanitizer agencies have played an important role in helping humans cope […]

How to get approval for manufacturing of sanitizer

It is illegal to produce and sell hand sanitizer without approval for manufacturing of sanitizer. According to the law, the production of disinfectant, alcohol and other disinfection products must obtain a sanitation license for the disinfection product manufacturer, and a disinfection product safety evaluation report must be obtained before the product goes on the market. […]

Is alcohol hand sanitizer really without any disadvantages?

Everyone knows ordinary hand sanitizer, and alcohol hand sanitizer is its new form, which is very popular in Japan, Europe and America, including some daily chemical companies in China (such as AoGrand). When people first come into contact, they will definitely ask: What is the difference between this thing and ordinary hand sanitizer? Anyway, don’t […]

How to make a simple alcohol hand sanitizer at home

Since the epidemic outbreak, the DIY hand sanitizer has spread all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But are they really safe? I have seen some recipes that are indeed doubtful. There is a reason that only laboratories or hand sanitizer manufacturers can produce hand sanitizer. The production steps are difficult and require a certain degree […]