CLEACE 75% alcohol hand sanitizer

Out of the need to protect yourself and your family, the demand for sanitizer products will continue for a long time. But the problem is that there is a serious shortage of hand sanitizer suppliers in many countries around the world. The main supplier with the largest quantity and best quality is in China. Here I recommend a leading Chinese daily chemical company-AOGRAND, which is dedicated to killing products. An international supplier of hand sanitizer developed and exported.

One point that needs to be emphasized here is that there is a big difference between alcohol-based hand sanitizer and non-alcoholic hand sanitizer in terms of disinfection and sterilization, even though they both contain surfactants, or that their main ingredients are surfactants. But once alcohol is added, the hand sanitizer that simply washes hands becomes a disinfectant product with sterilization and disinfection functions. However, there is a distinction in the alcohol content. For example, the common disinfectant with 30% alcohol content and the 75% content on the market are essentially two different products. The former has very little anti-bacterial and anti-virus effect, and has little effect in dealing with virus infection. However, this type of product is enough in daily life. Basically, we usually use it in shopping malls, public toilets, and schools. The hand sanitizers seen in the park are all such low-alcohol hand sanitizers. Its advantages are that the application scenarios are wide enough, the cost is low, and the market supply is sufficient. But in the face of the current global infectious virus, it is obviously not enough. At this time, our best choice is to use hand sanitizer and disinfectant with high alcohol content. The World Health Organization recommends the use of hand sanitizers with an alcohol content of 60% to 90%. It is necessary to mention here that the higher the alcohol content, the better. There is a prerequisite that we must understand, that is, as a hand sanitizer, its main function is to protect our skin from viruses. If the alcohol is high If the content is too high, it will harm our skin, so the best content should be controlled at about 70%.

For example, the CLEACE75% alcohol hand sanitizer I will recommend today is characterized by a 5-second quick-drying and quick disinfection and sterilization to provide the safest protection for yourself and your family. In addition, we also provide various specifications of packaging, as small as 30 ml portable packaging to 5 liters family packaging, to meet your disinfection needs in all aspects, if you are a dealer but cannot find a suitable one Suppliers that can continue to ship, then we are your best choice, and our distributors are all over the world. You will not regret choosing AOGRAND.

If you are still struggling with how to choose and reliable suppliers, you might as well take a minute to look at our AOGRAND official website homepage, I believe you will have the answer.

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