Expert: Not all hand sanitizers are effective against viruses

Expert: Not all hand sanitizers are effective against viruses

Relevant studies have shown that hand sanitizers with different alcohol content provide different degrees of protection to the skin. Among them, the least effective are non-alcoholic hand sanitizers. These products are usually chosen by customers who have adverse reactions to alcohol-based products. However, experts say that this type of hand sanitizer can provide very limited protection. It is said that this kind of hand sanitizer may bring a false sense of security to consumers.

If you need to use public restrooms when you go out, but you want to reduce the risk of infection or avoid exposing yourself to bacteria, then non-alcoholic products may be okay. However, when it comes to viruses, if we want to suppress them, alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be much more effective.

Experts warn, not all alcohol-based hand sanitizers are worth buying. Alcohol content of about 30% can only be called an alcohol fragrance spray, and cannot be called an alcohol disinfectant in essence. Compared with high-concentration alcohol disinfectants, sprays with 30% alcohol content are useless to kill viruses. But 30% is better than nothing, but it takes longer to be effective.

The problem with low-alcohol hand sanitizers is that they may not be tested or approved, or there is no data to show that they will work, so consumers should avoid buying and using such low-alcohol disinfectants or hand sanitizers as much as possible .

Experts say that the gold standard is a hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 60% to 80%, which is the level necessary to kill the virus on your hands. Hand sanitizer with high alcohol content can not only kill bacteria, but also kill certain types of viruses, which is the most effective.

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