Industrial chain analysis of hand sanitizer industry

Industrial chain analysis of hand sanitizer industry

Whether in public or at home, hand sanitizer is an indispensable cleaning product in life, which is increasingly replacing the use of soap. Hand sanitizer is usually composed of water, alcohol, essence and glycerin, among which alcohol is the main disinfectant ingredient.

In recent years, alcohol hand sanitizers that do not need to be rinsed with water have been favored by consumers, and they are almost always carried around with their hands. Many parents think that with it, they can wash their children’s hands anytime and anywhere, and can also sterilize and disinfect, which is very convenient. However, the main component of this kind of hand sanitizer is alcohol, which is mainly used for sterilization. After use, there may be residual chemical substances, so be careful if you eat it by mistake. In this regard, relevant experts said that long-term use of alcohol hand sanitizer is not recommended, and some special populations should use it with caution.

Hand sanitizer can be divided into ordinary hand sanitizer, disinfectant hand sanitizer, heavy-contaminated hand sanitizer, etc. Ordinary hand sanitizer: the role of cleaning and decontamination. Disinfecting hand sanitizer: effective ingredients for antibacterial, antibacterial or sterilization. Hand sanitizer for heavy oil stains: cleaning of industrial oil stains (such as engine oil, gasoline, diesel, etc.) and stubborn stains. Hand sanitizers are generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate and other ingredients. They use the principle of mild decontamination and are easily accepted by the skin.

The downstream industries of hand sanitizer are distributors at all levels, such as large shopping malls and supermarkets, convenience stores, daily chemical stores, brand specialty stores, and e-commerce platforms. With the development of e-commerce platforms in recent years, shopping varieties are overflowing. Online shopping has more choices than physical stores, and the price may be cheaper. Therefore, more and more consumers like to shop online to choose the type of hand sanitizer they need.

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