Luxury Goods And Hand Sanitizer

Luxury Goods And Hand Sanitizer

Under the ravages of global infectious diseases, epidemic prevention materials are in short supply, and products such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant on Amazon are in a hurry. In the face of this dilemma, countries have to resort to their best efforts: American GM, Ford, Tesla and other car companies have expressed their willingness to switch to ventilators; the parent company of Spanish fashion giant Zara urgently adjusted its production line to produce masks; an Italian high-end fashion The company decided to transform the textile workshop into a mask production workshop; French luxury goods giant Hermès also considered using a perfume factory to produce hand sanitizer…

In addition, many countries have also set their sights on China. Countries including France, Italy, and Norway have all stated that they plan to import medical protective materials such as masks from China.

On March 15th, the global luxury goods giant LV Group announced that due to the shortage of French materials, it has decided to use its three perfume production lines from Dior, Givenchy and Guerlain to produce alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and will produce 12 tons within the first week. handwashing fluid.

Luxury giants produce hand sanitizer? Countless netizens said that “this will be the first LV I own”, “there is finally an affordable luxury item”, “LV version of hand sanitizer, the LV in hand sanitizer”.

However, this luxury product is not for sale. According to the LV Group, all the materials for the conversion will be provided free of charge to the French Ministry of Health and European medical institutions, especially the 39 public hospitals in Paris.

LVMH stated in the statement, “This change of hand sanitizer is on the one hand to alleviate the current shortage of medical protection materials in France, on the other hand, it is hoped that the public can use sterilized items for personal protection and avoid infections. In addition, LVMH also expressed its willingness to accept the deployment of the French anti-epidemic agency until the virus crisis is lifted in France.

Similar examples include Rolls-Royce making ventilators and Zara changing to produce masks… We are very pleased to see the contribution of so many companies to the fight against the crisis, but they are not professional disinfection product manufacturers after all, here I recommend AOGRAND, a Chinese manufacturer of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, is a large enterprise that has focused on daily chemical disinfection for more than 20 years. AOGRAND’s main products are hand sanitizers and disinfectants. As an international manufacturer and supplier of hand sanitizer, our products are sold all over the world, and AOGRAND is your most trusted partner.

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