Ordinary hand sanitizer is good. Disposable hand sanitizer is not suitable for long-term use?

Among the keywords of 2020, “hand washing” must have a place. According to data from an e-commerce platform, since January this year, the sales volume of hand sanitizer has increased by more than 10 times that of the previous year. At the same time, all kinds of hand sanitizers on the market are also emerging in endlessly, antibacterial hand sanitizers, disposable hand sanitizers…Is it better than ordinary hand sanitizers with antibacterial words? Disposable hand sanitizer is so convenient, can it replace hand washing?

For most people, ordinary hand sanitizer at home and a disposable hand sanitizer in their handbag have become the norm in life, and convenience seems to be the biggest difference between the two. Is it really so?

The surface active agent of ordinary hand sanitizer is mainly used for hand cleaning. It uses the action of surface active agent and mechanical friction to remove stains on hands with water flow. The effective ingredient of hand sanitizer is ethanol (commonly known as alcohol), which is mainly used for hand disinfection. Different active ingredients have different cleaning effects. So which one to buy? Look at “stability”

The stability index of ordinary hand sanitizer has a certain effect on its shelf life and is an important criterion for judging whether the product is “compliant”. It can be compared and observed within 24h. If it is left standing at room temperature without stratification, there is no precipitation, no peculiar smell and discoloration, and the product is transparent and has no turbidity, it reaches the standard. The stability index of disposable hand sanitizer plays a decisive role in the shelf life. After being stored at 37°C for 90 days, if the decrease rate of the sterilizing active ingredient content is less than or equal to 10%, the storage validity period can be set as 2 years if the standard is met.

Experts said that when going out and washing inconvenient occasions, disposable hand sanitizer is indeed more convenient, but in the case of conditions, it is generally recommended to use ordinary hand sanitizer. He pointed out, “There are microorganisms in the environment. In the lives of ordinary people (non-medical personnel), the use of ordinary hand sanitizers can already meet the usual decontamination needs. Most of the effective ingredients of hand sanitizers are ethanol, which is mainly used for Hand sterilization and disinfection. Excessive use may stimulate the skin barrier and damage it.” Of course, in the special context of the epidemic, in addition to ordinary hand sanitizers, a bottle of disposable hand sanitizer should also be available for disinfection and sterilization.

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