The Essence Of Instant Hand Sanitizer

There have been more and more hand sanitizer manufacturers and suppliers that have recently declared “free hand sanitizer” on major e-commerce platforms, but I found that most of the hand sanitizer suppliers declare imported hand sanitizer products that are classified incorrectly. Today I will explain to you the classification of “instant hand sanitizer”.

At present, the mainstream hand sanitizers on the market are divided into three categories: cleansing and skin care hand sanitizers, antibacterial hand sanitizers, and instant hand sanitizers. At the same time, we learned that the core of hand sanitizer is to separate the stains on the surface of the human body through surfactants, regardless of whether it promotes the effect of “bactericidal and antibacterial”, and then wash it with running water to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

In the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, the definition of cosmetics is: it refers to the use of rubbing, spraying or other similar methods to spread on any part of the human body, such as skin, hair, nails, lips, etc., in order to eliminate bad odors and clean. , Daily-use chemical industry products for skin care, beauty and grooming purposes. By definition, hand sanitizers may or may not be cosmetics.

From the perspective of hand sanitizers, it is divided into general hand sanitizers and special hand sanitizers. General hand sanitizers are cosmetics and need to be filed for cosmetics by the food and drug regulatory authority; while special hand sanitizers do not belong to cosmetics and do not need to follow cosmetics. Request to go to the record, and in turn should go to the health department for the record. This leads to a logical relationship: instant hand sanitizer cannot be labeled as hand sanitizer, but can only be called disinfectant.

For example, the CLEACE 75% alcohol hand sanitizer I would recommend today is characterized by a 5-second quick-drying and quick disinfection and sterilization to provide the safest protection for yourself and your family. In addition, we also provide various specifications of packaging, as small as 30 ml of portable packaging to 5 liters of family packaging, to meet your disinfection needs in all aspects, if you are a dealer but cannot find a suitable one Suppliers that can continue to ship, then we are your best choice, and our distributors are all over the world. You will not regret choosing AOGRAND.

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