The Future Development Trend Of Hand Sanitizer

The Future Development Trend Of Hand Sanitizer

It is undeniable that the infectious disease crisis last year promoted the increase in sales of hand sanitizer products, but in the past few years, the sales of hand sanitizers have continued to rise. Hand sanitizer has changed from an astringent disinfectant to a popular product. The product. Even at London Fashion Week 2020, fashionistas hold a lavender-scented disinfectant spray.

An analysis report said: “Organic alcohol is a trend in the future because it will not leave any sticky substances. Environmentally friendly and organic hand sanitizers are expected to enter the market.” The report lists some of the product promotions, such as Hand sanitizer made of “sugar cane ethanol”, this natural disinfectant will not cause harm to the human body after being absorbed by the skin, but it can kill most common bacteria. In addition, these products can also reduce the risk of skin discomfort caused by the use of disinfectants, such as contact dermatitis.

In the future, hand sanitizers will have a variety of forms, the most common is still liquid. In recent years, foam and gel hand sanitizers have emerged to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Compared with liquid hand sanitizer, foam hand sanitizer has obvious advantages, while no-wash hand sanitizer has the advantage of convenient use. Now most hand sanitizer brands have launched foam-type hand sanitizer and disposable hand sanitizer.

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