Why the sanitizer price for bulk will skyrocket?

The sanitizer price for bulk has skyrocketed. Many people accuse sanitization manufacturer of taking the opportunity to drive up prices. Many sanitization manufacturer say they have received a lot of unfair accusations. The sanitizer manufacturer believe that the price reflects the cost and the supply of bulk disinfectant. Manufacturers have one price a day, and they don’t know if the cost price tomorrow will remain the same as today. The most important thing is the increase in the price of ethanol.

Last week, the media reported that a bulk sanitizer supplier offered 10,000 pounds per metric ton of ethanol, which was more than 10 times the normal price.

The media tried to contact several suppliers of alcohol raw materials needed to make bulk sanitizer. One of the female staff members sadly stated on the phone that her sanitization manufacturer had closed down due to lack of raw materials.

Some other companies are very busy, and the staff has almost no time for interviews. The website of a bulk sanitizer supplier stated that customer demand has increased from 300 orders a day to 6,000.

bulk sanitizer is a product that everyone in all walks of life needs. It is not easy to increase production and increase supply at once because most bulk sanitizer are produced with ethanol.
Hand sanitizer must have at least 70% alcohol content to effectively kill the virus. There are not many sanitizer manufacturer capable of producing such alcohol raw materials, and only some countries have them. The largest producer is in China. Those countries that do not have such alcohol raw materials producers have difficulty obtaining such raw materials, because many countries have restricted the export of such raw materials. This is why the sanitizer price for bulk will skyrocket.

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